Health Club

Health Club:
Relaxation and well-being at the End of the World.

Our exclusive Health Club and its various programs prioritize both body care and rest. This experience is complemented by an imposing natural environment that invites you to enjoy your stay at the Hotel at every moment.

*To access: above 5 years old

Fitness Center

Latest technology in a large and exclusive space for your daily training.

Dry and Wet Sauna

Enjoy a steam or sweat bath to release toxins or to take advantage of the muscular and mental relaxation that is generated within this space, providing a pleasant moment.

Climatized pool

Heated pool with a unique view just a few meters from the Beagle Channel.


Complete your spa circuit, in our spacious Jacuzzi for perfect relaxation.


We have a space for relaxation before or after any activity and two large changing rooms for your maximum comfort throughout your visit to our Health Club.

Spa Treatments

The perfect natural and technological combination. The most modern techniques for the skin and the body.

Relaxes the muscles and dissolves contractures that are produced by excessive exercise, bad posture, lack of rest or stress. Activates blood circulation, relieves ailments, restores muscle elasticity and mobility and helps relieve migraines.

Relieves tension, fights stress, anxiety and improves general well-being. It promotes a deep and restful rest.

Special to combat the heaviness in the legs, caused by physical effort, circulatory deficiency or sedentary lifestyle. Promotes venous return, relieving edema and achieving a feeling of well-being.

Comforting relief for the muscle group that accumulates the most tension, back, neck and shoulders.